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Whirl-Pak® Stand Up Bags

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Available in 7 sizes.

Accessory for use with magnetic stirrers and stirring drives; liquid, semi-solid, and solid samples; and much more.

Sample handling and testing is easy with disposable Whirl-Pak® Stand-Up Bags, first sterile sample bags on market. When filled with sample, special gusseted bottoms flatten out, allowing Whirl-Pak® Stand-Up Bags to stand on their own. No racks or other holders are necessary to keep Whirl-Pak® Stand-Up Bags upright. Work just like other containers but are cost-efficient, space-saving, and shatterproof. Add a stirring bar and use with a magnetic stirrer. Use a single sample for all required quality control, product content, and legal compliance tests. White write-on strips make sample identification convenient. Can be frozen to any temperature, even liquid nitrogen temperatures (careful handling required after freezing; sample bags are not autoclavable). For use in temperatures from -210° C (-346° F) to +82° C (+180° F). Sterilized after manufacturing. FDA approved for food contact. Manufactured in accordance with requirements for manufacturers of single service containers for milk and milk products, as specified by FDA. Capacity measured in fluid ounces when closed and tabs folded over 3 times. Film thickness varies from 2.5 mils to 4 mils, depending on size. As a result of high-quality blended polyethylene, a high mil thickness is not required to achieve optimum strength. Manufactured under a quality management system certified to ISO9001. See Specifications for technical details and additional information. 

Features Include:

  • Puncture proof tabs—tab tape extends past aluminum wire ends to eliminate sharp points that could puncture sample bags and gloves or scratch hands.
  • Guaranteed sterile—sealed cartons sterilized with +1 sterilization process after manufacturing using ethylene oxide gas at an independent ISO certified facility.
  • Exceptionally clear film and superior strength—manufactured with co-extrusion of low-density and linear low-density virgin polyethylene (LPDE) making sample bags easy to see through and durable sample containers.
  • Leak proof closure—whirling or folding tabs over 3 times creating leak-proof sampling containers.
  • Reduced storage and shipping—saves 90% more space than other containers, which significantly reduces shipping, storage, and disposal costs.

Available in 7 Sizes:  

Order No.

No. Per Box




VWP 60118

100 or 500

118 ml (4 oz)

7.5 x 18.5 cm

2.5 mils

VWP 60532

100 or 500

532 ml (18 oz)

11.5 x 23 cm

3 mils

VWP 60710

100 or 500

710 ml (24 oz)

15 x 23 cm

3 mils

VWP 60798

(not available)


798 ml (27 oz)

12.5 x 30.5 cm

3 mils

VWP 61065


1,065 ml (36 oz)

12.5 x 38 cm

4 mils

VWP 61242


1,242 ml (42 oz)

15 x 38 cm

4 mils

VWP 62041


2,041 ml (69 oz)

19 x 38 cm

4 mils

VWP 64080


4,080 ml (136 oz)

38 x 38 cm

4 mils

Typically in stock and ready to ship. Developed and manufactured in U.S. Packaged and shipped from U.S.

Unless specifically included in description, accessories, glassware, or other equipment (such as stirrers, stirring drives, etc.) are not included with this order no. and shown for demonstrational purposes only. Some of such items can be purchased separately on this website. Dimensions and measurements are approximate. Information on this website may contain typographical errors or inaccuracies, and Florida Scientific Services, Inc., is not liable for any such typographical errors or inaccuracies.

Accessory Dimensions:
Various Sizes Available (see drop down options for dimensions)
  • Manufactured under a quality management system certified to ISO9001.
Compatible Stirrers / Stirring Drives:
  • 2mag MIX 1 eco Stirrer
  • 2mag MIX 1 Stirrer
  • 2mag MIX 1 XL Stirrer
  • 2mag accuMIX Stirrer
  • 2mag luMIX Stirrer
  • 2mag maxMIX Stirrer
  • 2mag bioMIX 1 Stirrer
  • 2mag MIX 4 MS Stirrer
  • 2mag MIX 6 Stirrer
  • 2mag MIX 8 XL Stirrer
  • 2mag MIX 12 XL Stirrer
  • 2mag MIX 15 eco Stirrer
  • 2mag MIX 15 Stirrer
  • 2mag MIXdrive 1 XS Stirring Drive
  • 2mag MIXdrive 1 eco Stirring Drive
  • 2mag MIXdrive 1 Stirring Drive
  • 2mag MIXdrive 1 XL Stirring Drive
  • 2mag MAXdrive Stirring Drive
  • 2mag FABdrive Stirring Drive
  • 2mag MIXdrive 6 Stirring Drive
  • 2mag MIXdrive 15 Stirring Drive
  • 2mag MIXdrive 60 Stirring Drive
  • 2mag bioMIXdrive 1 Stirring Drive
  • 2mag bioMIXdrive 2 Stirring Drive
  • 2mag bioMIXdrive 3 Stirring Drive
  • 2mag bioMIXdrive 4 Stirring Drive
In The Box:
  • Accessory (other)