2mag-USA Variomag

2mag Satellite 140 Stirring Bar

MF 44900

For use with magnetic stirrers and stirring drives, including 2mag stirring systems.

Also recommended for use with:

Polygonal shape with rounded XL profile and tripod, bearing, and rare earth power magnet. Firm, steady action. Extremely strong, high power stirring bar. Tripod construction ensures no direct contact between stirring bar and reaction vessel and offers abrasion and wear-free stirring. Features larger vortex, higher turbulence, and unbeatable increased mixing effect at lower speeds (compared to conventional stirring bars). Also features more than 4x higher torque transmissible, high energetic, and long-term stable magnetic field with no demagnetization effect. Ideal for highly effective mixing in unique conditions, including large stirring volumes, viscous media, higher solid content liquids, wider distances, disavantageous vessel bottoms, strong magnetic stirrers, stainless steel vessels, and media containing abrasive particles (i.e., sand, sediment, etc.). ZEDEX stirring bars offer ultimate performance, long working life, and extreme versatility. ZEDEX coating is extremely strong and features greater chemical resistance (compared to PTFE stirring bars), thermal stability, low friction (with little or no adhesion), and insolubility (with high purity). Rare earth magnets have significantly increased magnetic strength compared to AlNiCo V magnets. Practically totally resistant to demagnetism. Stir more viscous liquids and liquids with higher solid content while obtaining a high stirring speed. Stirring force will be maintained even at greater distances. Inert and leak-free. Isostatic encapsulation to eliminate cracks and porosity. Polished finish to reduce pickup and cross contamination. Can be sterlized via all typical chemical or thermal (i.e., autoclave, etc.) means (except gamma radiation). Steam sterilizable at 121 °C. FDA and USP Class VI approved ZEDEX 530. High quality, even, and sealed ZEDEX 530 coating. Rare earth (i.e., SamCo, samarium-cobalt) magnet core. ZEDEX 530 tripod. Stirring bar dimensions = approximately 32 x 140 millimeters (1.26 x 5.51 inches). Tripod dimensions = approximately 227 millimeters (8.94 inches) in diameter. Weight = approximately 400 grams (14.11 ounces). Wearing parts can be reordered separately. Note: High magnetic coupling power of stirring bar using rare earth magnets may cause lateral interaction between stirring bars.

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Weight (gross):
approximately 0.40 kgs (0.88 lbs)
Stirring Bar Dimensions (⌀ x l) :
approximately 32 [∅] x 140 [l] mm (1.26 [∅] x 5.51 [l] in)
Stirring Bar Material (coating):
Stirring Bar Material (magnet):
SamCo (i.e., samarium-cobalt; rare earth power)
Stirring Bar Material (tripod):
  • Manufactured under a quality management system certified to ISO9001.
  • Prime Grade PTFE / ZEDEX 530 with FDA & USP Class VI Approvals (as applicable)
Steam Sterilizable:
up to 121°C
Stirring Bar Shape:
Polygonal, Rounded + Tripod (diameter 227 mm)
In The Box:
  • Stirring Bar