2mag-USA Variomag

2mag MIXdrive 1 eco Stirring Drive (drive only)

MF 40101

Remote controlled, single point, submersible stirring drive; stirring volume up to 3,000 milliliters; up to 10 watts of stirring power; requires external control unit (sold separately); see control unit specifications for rpm range; compatible with 2mag MIXcontrol eco Control Unit, 2mag MIXcontrol eco DINrail Control Unit, and 2mag MIXcontrol eco DINrail Potentiometer Control Unit; see 2mag Stirring Drive & Control Unit Compatibility Chart; can also be used with 2mag MIXcontrol 20 Control Unit (and RS232 version) (only in combination with a 2mag distriBOX 4 Distributor and four (4) 2mag MIXdrive 1 eco Stirring Drives) and 2mag MIXcontrol 40 Control Unit (and RS232 version) (only in combination with a 2mag distriBOX 8 Distributor and eight (8) 2mag MIXdrive 1 eco Stirring Drives); for high temperature applications, see also 2mag MIXdrive 1 eco HT Stirring Drive (high temperature).


Designet for chemical, biotechnical and medical applications of all kinds, developed for maximum requirements, maximum mechanical, thermal and chemical stability as well as uncompromising continuous operatio.

For use with MIXcontrol eco or MIXcontrol eco DINrail.

Ultra-flat, wear-free magnetic stirrer with 1 stirring position, suitable for vessels up to 3,000 ml. 

1 stirring position, 100% maintenance-free and wear-free by inductive 2mag-Magnetic-Drive concept for powerful mixing of solutions, jerk-free stirring even at low speeds.

Fully encapsulated and hermetically sealed stainless steel housing, IP68, water-, dust- and germproof, extremely robust construction and performance, easy to clean and maximum resistance, submersible in water- respective oil baths, suitable for the use in CO 2-incubators and ovens.  

2 different temperature areas are available:

Basic version: -10 deg.C up to +50 deg.C in air or submerged

HT version: -10 deg.C up to +95 deg.C submerged in water baths

                                         up to +200 deg.C in air (ovens)


Compatible control units:

MIXcontrol 20/20-RS232 (only in combination with distriBOX 4 & 4 drives)

MIXcontrol 40/40-RS232 (only in combination with distriBOX 8 & 8 drives)

3 years warranty on parts and labor,

developed and made in Germany.     

(Glassware not included)


Weight (gross):
approximately 1.50 kgs (3.31 lbs)
Dimensions (w x d x h):
approximately 120 x 120 x 35 mm
  • Carries all applicable / required North American / European market certifications.
  • Manufactured under a quality management system certified to ISO9001.
  • CE
Protection Category:
IP 68
Operating Conditions:
-10°C up to +50°C (in air or submerged)
Stirring Points:
Stirring Speed Range:
for use with 2mag MIXcontrol eco series Control Units (with range of 120 - 1,200 rpm)
Stirring Volume Range (per stirring point):
1 - 3,000 ml
Stirring Power Options:
10 watts (maximum)
Maximum Stirring Speed:
for use with 2mag MIXcontrol eco series Control Units (with maximum of 1,200 rpm)
Maximum Stirring Volume (per stirring point):
3,000 ml
Drive System:
2mag Inductive Drive (maintenance & wear free)
  • Remote Controlled
  • Single Point
  • Submersible
  • Compact, space saving, and ultra flat
  • Chemical, heat, and pressure resistant
  • Designed for chemical, biotechnical, and medical applications of all kinds
  • Developed for hard lab use and uncompromising continuous operation
  • Dust, maintenance, and wear free
  • Long life quality and durable robust construction
  • Low energy consumption and minimal heat emission
  • More stirring power than conventional magnetic stirrers
  • No bearings, belts, pull magnets, conventional motors, or other moving parts
  • Self stabilizing and synchronized speeds at all stirring positions
  • Lab bench or robot integration
  • Motorless and noiseless
In The Box:
  • Stirring Drive
  • Operating Manual