2mag-USA Variomag

2mag bioMIX 1 Stirrer (with power supply)

MF 85001

Direct controlled, single point stirrer; digital display; for cell and tissue culture applications; stirring volume up to ­­5,000  milliliters; stirring speed range from 5 to 250 rpm; adjustable power setting; includes power supply.



Designed for careful and protective mixing of cell suspensions and culture broths, developed for high demands and uncompromising continuous operations.

Price optimized maintenance-free magnetic stirrer with 1 stirring point, large surface, space saving, also suitable for viscous culture media.

Maintenance-free 2mag-stepper-motor-drive for extremely slow and 100% jerk-free and gentle mixing of cell cultures, extended speed range from 5 up to 250 rpm, jerk-free, even and smooth stirring also at slow speeds, power setting (10-step) for high power with regard to large and viscous stirring amounts and reduced power for the warming-free continuous operation.

Digital display for speed- and power setting, SoftStart for reliable and safe accelerating of stirring bar, QuickSet for quick setting of start- and maximum speed, saving of last working status when turning off, suitable for culture flasks with spinning propeller- and spinning ball systems.

Fully encapsulated and water resistant stainless steel housing, germ-proof, IP64, easy to clean and firm, robust construction and performance, ultra-flat design. 

3 years warranty on parts and labor,

developed and made in Germany. 

(Glassware not included)

Weight (gross):
approximately 4 kgs (8.82 lbs)
Dimensions (w x d x h):
approximately 188 x 238 x 38 mm
Protection Category:
IP 64
Operating Conditions:
-10°C up to +50°C (at 80% humidity)
Electrical Data (input):
  • 100 - 240 VAC / 47 - 63 Hz / 1.5 A
Stirring Points:
Stirring Speed Range:
5 - 250 rpm
Stirring Volume Range (per stirring point):
5 - 5,000 ml
Stirring Power Options:
10 - 100 percent (10 step); 6 watts (maximum)
Maximum Stirring Speed:
250 rpm
Maximum Stirring Volume (per stirring point):
5,000 ml
Drive System:
2mag Stepper Motor Drive (maintenance free)
SoftStart :
  • Direct Controlled
  • Single Point
  • Cell Culture
  • Tissue Culture